Gottfries Clinic


Gottfries Clinic was set up in 1998 on the premises of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Mölndal, Sweden. It functions as a private speciality clinic welcoming patients who are suspected of suffering from FM and ME/CFS.

Previously financed through the health-care system, the clinic will as from 1st January 2017 be operated privately. There are three Medical Doctors (MD), two of whom also hold a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and nurses as well.

Medical treatment of FM and ME/CFS is in great demand, and the results obtained by the Gottfries Clinic have been widely acclaimed by the patients. About 2 500 patients were seen per year, but since 2017 the number is reduced as the agreement with the authorities is withdrawn.

The Gottfries Clinic is being recognised as one of the few clinics or health-care units in Sweden that is capable of offering an adequate treatment for FM and ME/CFS.

The activities of the Gottfries Clinic have been focused on:

1. Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic fatigue and widespread muscular pain, i.e. most often patients with FM or ME/CFS.

2. Research aiming at developing and optimising treatment principles for patients with FM or ME/CFS.

Organisation and facts

Formal name
Gottfries Clinic AB (Gottfriesmottagningen) is a registered Swedish Limited Company. Its shares are not listed. Reg. No. 556552-5077.

Johan Gottfries, Professor

Carl-Gerhard Gottfries, Professor, MD, Chairman
Björn Regland, Assistant Professor, MD
Erik Haglund, Economic Advisor

Members of the Board
Carl-Gerhard Gottfries, Professor, MD, Chairman
Olof Zachrisson, MD, PhD
Johan Gottfries, Professor, CEO
Sara Forsmark, Research Nurse

Advisory Board
Roland Möllby, Professor at Microbiology and Tumorbiology Center, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
Jonas Blomberg, Professor in Clinical Virology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.
Jonas Bergquist, Professor in Analytical Chemistry and Neurochemistry, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.
Johan Gottfries, Professor in Chemistry, Göteborg University, Göteborg, Sweden
Kaj Blennow, Professor in Neurochemistry, Institute of Clinical Neuroscience, Göteborg, Sweden.

Site – Postal address
Gottfries Clinic AB, Krokslätts Torg 5, SE-431 37 Mölndal, Sweden

Visiting address
Gottfries Clinic AB, Krokslätts Torg 5, Mölndal, Sweden

The Gottfries Clinic is owned by Professor Carl-Gerhard Gottfries.

Contact Person
Carl-Gerhard Gottfries, Professor, MD
Tel +46 (0)31 380 38 40. Tfx +46 (0)31 20 99 38. Mail